…and why it is a good idea.

Of course we are all aware (or at least most of us) that the Summer season has left us all with glowing skin, a healthy immune system, a nice deep tan, beach hair + the urge to experience those wonderful times all over again.

Most of you ended up finishing work on a Friday afternoon, rushed home to only get changed, throw the surf board in the back of the ute + to meet your mates at your local beach for a surf. Others may have decided to catch up with friends over coffee, head out to experience the nightlife of the capital you live in while the last percentage of you have been soaking up the rays in a hammock in your very own backyard.

I myself have had an incredible summer. Would I experience those times again? Of course.

While I have enjoyed a few trips away, bush walks, movie dates..yes..Fifty Shades of Grey comes out on February 12th (in Australia) and I am somewhat keen to see it after having read a tiny majority of the books.

So really…what is it that makes Summer the best time of the year?

Is it because we can somehow ‘let loose‘, in the sense to experience the beauty of nature during the years warmest temperatures, head to the beach, listen to the waves hit the shore or simply being able to do things ‘around the clock’, I am talking midnight drives to the local ice creamery after having sweltered in forty degree heat + having been unable to catch even the tinniest amount of sleep or what about those 2AM trips home from catching up with friends or a get-together BBQ? Or the time you feel head over heels for the surfer guy who casually walked past?

What ever it may have been for you, Summer allows us to simply start glowing from the inside, while being able to free ourselves from the layers we wore over the entire winter to keep warm, oh what a feelin’!

Keep Glowing.









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