Hello all, especially those aching to read my Beauty Posts that happen to appear on my page every now and again. Ladies… we all have our very intense / loving relationship with the variety of Makeup products ranging from Department Stores to Chain Stores and Supermarkets world wide.

My Make Up does vary between the seasons but not majorly. For example, I have always stuck to my Chanel Mat Foundation, a product that I literally swear by. It gives even coverage and smells divine. Further I go weak at the knees for a sun-kissed Glow with my Maybelline Bronzer, being able to look revived & refreshed and have that healthy glow all of us Women crave is hugely important to me. While I also go with a near nude Blush which gives my cheek a nice sparkle + my extra black Mascara which gives so much Volume while looking natural. Of course I have an ultra favorite product which I am in love with… Dior J’adore. My favorite fragrance given to me by my Partner, he has a heart of gold + the most handsome smile (no no… this is not going to turn into a Love Story now ha ha)

The items I use are affordable and can even be purchased online through various other sources:

My number one beauty product all year round, is

Dove Summer Glow – Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion in medium to dark skin $10,00AUD bought at my local Coles Supermarket.


My favorite…Mat Lumiere long lasting fluid foundation SPF15 by Chanel, purchased at Myer Australia $88,00AUD.


Rimmel London WAKE ME UP Foundation SPF15 in soft beige, gives a radiant glow and shows no signs of fatigued skin whatsoever. $15,50AUD bought at Coles Supermarket


Nivea Pearly Shine Lip Balm $3,00AUD bought at Coles Supermarket to give your lips shine and a healthy pearly glow.


Great Lash Mascara in blackest black, $14,00AUD Coles Supermarket


Maybelline New York, Dream Sun bronzing Powder $18,00 AUD Coles Supermarket


+ finally Maybelline New York, FIT me! medium nude blush powder $15,00AUD Coles Supermarket


Look flawless every single time #MakeUpOfThe Day #MOTD #skin&body

Make your skin glow!

A. xx


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