Good Afternoon Y’all,

What am I going to write you on this beautiful mildly warm Summers Day?

Most of you are like me always looking for new products for Hair and Body. Personally I am well aware of the cosmetic products that are currently on the market, hair volumizers, thickeners for thinning hair, protein hair masks, various body scrubs, body lotions and the list goes on. The majority of these Products are commercially processed, so personally I believe that natural products are the best products.

Below I am giving you some natural hair remedies, products which are not only amazing but also work wonders. What’s good for you is good for your hair right?

Coconut Oil + Honey:

Say ‘Good bye ‘ to damaged hair and ‘Hello‘ to velvety results.

This mask is best made with 1 1/2 tbs of Honey and 2 tbs of Coconut Oil, mix the two together. This hair mask is best applied to wet hair and for best results leave in hair for forty minutes.
Voila! #hairmask #glowinghair #moisturemask #sexyfeel #feminine

Raw Egg + Olive Oil

Super natural yet slightly an odd combi, however take about 2tbs of Olive Oil + one raw egg and mix the two together then massage into hair and leave for approximately thirty minutes. This mask is very protein rich and something your hair will love! Try it out! #hairgrowth #proteinpacked #hairmask

Body Scrub with Ingredients straight out of your Kitchen Pantry

Make this scrub your own fancy shmancy exfoliating scrub, simply mix either coconut oil + brown sugar or Sea salt + Olive Oil and put them in little containers. The proof will be in your seriously glowing skin. Ah-mazing! #sexy #bodyscrub #healthy #natural #outtayourpantry #sexy #exfoliator #glowingskin

I hope you all have an amazing and fulfilling day + give your skin and hair the natural beauty regimes they so desperately need for good health, glowing skin and well being!

Unleash your inner fox,

A. x


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