A new Travel Experience

Hi there,

and thank you for checking out my Blog and Posts yet again. Sorry if you’ve been frantically waiting on a new Post – it’s been crazy in my life at the moment with work commitments, and a hectic schedule for the holiday and seasonal festivities which are standing right before us….

Having been super busy now that Christmas is literally just around the corner did not stop me and my partner from heading out on another little adventure within the South East of Victoria, AU.

The trip consumed much of the day but was spent in a stunning Rainforest National Park and allowed us to have a nice and relaxing picnic!

The weather was stunning so off we headed south towards Noogee. Personally I hadn’t even heard of the name until then yet alone did I have any idea where this place was.

In addition we decided to visit the Ada Tree + read up on the history. Well it was easiest to head to Noogee then it was to find this tree with its exact location to be unknown apart from a Ada Tree 24km sign that pointed to an unsealed gravel road and literally to us on quite a ride.

Driving along we saw Log Trucks driving past and foresting| moving cut up logs from mills to the then new destination to be made into housing woods and possibly even furniture!

We saw what I believe is was a Blackish Snake slithering across the road and my thought the whole way was just not to die or get bitten because of one. Mind you I was wearing short running shorts and runners…. Walking through tense Rainforest and other Forestation was quite an experience and it was all natural!!! Quite beautiful to see what nature can do. Yes, we did manage to arrive at our Ada Tree and its age is remarkable … 400 years old and over 71m in height. Absolutely incredible!

After the visit all I managed to do was keep my heavy eyelids open until we hit the pavement 24km later before I fell asleep all the way home.

It was a great experience and I do hope if you’re ever visiting Victoria or are within the area to visit this wonderful location to experience it first hand!

Enjoy your day,






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