Who has ever felt like having a nice hot bubble bath, glass of wine in hand and a nice book to read on a day where clouds cover the sky in grey to dark gray colors, thunderstorms light up the sky while the rain drops fall against the windows and onto the roof?? (lucky a tiled rooftop isn’t all too loud…)

Today was one of those days, I did manage to organize a few things for Christmas which happens to be only 28 Days away while also running a few other errands. I did manage to relax at home for sometime which did indeed include a shower with #frank. Before jumping to conclusions of what kind of post I am typing away here while sipping away on my nicely made cup of Nettle tea, let me explain that FRANK is a coffee scrub + super amazing. He targets cellulite, scrubs away lumps and bumps and makes your skin amazingly smooth! #thefrankeffect #letsbefrank

Having very recently receives the News from the Frank Team that a new beauty balm had been launched! And a few days later guess who I found in my mail box… #frankbeautybalm

This product is amazing in every single possible way! It really does hold true to its results and doing’s yet smells divine. Made me feel so much better about myself and yes I do highly recommend it. For orders and more information please head here:


Its the place to Get Naked, Get Dirty, Get Rough. get Clean.

Delivery is available #worldwide

Enjoy your Day and go get Frank, but ssshh don’t tell your Partner 😉

Love + Light,

A. x




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