Having just come back from a nice well earned Lunch date with my other half, so has the eagerness of writing another Blog Post. (Clearly I do enjoy my creative writing opportunities haha)

I have come to realize that it has been quite a while since i last wrote an OOTD / Fashion Post, so today you are totally in luck!

As it is still officially Spring here in the south eastern corner of Australia, so has of course the fashion and clothing choices. From snug booties, skinny jeans and coats, the choices are now floating between midi skirts, dresses, a light jacket if it is a coolish day or morning.

So, today’s outfit of the day has been summertime inspired. Maxi dress and a light jacket which happens to be my favorite jeans jacket, a nice pair of flats and my favorite pair of sunglasses.

While my car became uncomfortably hot during my drive to my lunch location, with me opening the windows to cool down, the day in itself did not. It was blue sky and sun rays but to no extreme heatwave after all it is still Spring.

I hope you enjoy the Photographs and I hope that they somehow inspire your fashion choices this summer season.

Sending Love & Light,

A. x






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