Living in Suburbia with close proximity to the City Business District [CBD] can be clearly envisioned by anyone literally, bright Lights, loud Music, Noise, many People many of them in Suits and Business Attire, rush Hour, long and draining train Commutes, hectic Lifestyle and ‘9-5’ Office Hours.


However living in the Rural Area where the picking of Grapes, Fruits/Vegetables and the making of Wines is a daily and seasonal Occurrence. The early Mornings where waking up at 5:30am to a bunch of wild Birds including Rosellas [Australian Natives] is the most beautiful thing, where cuddles with my partner along with a nice Coffee/Hot Chocolate and Mixed Grill Breakfast are part of our Morning Routine and Trips to the Shops are about an Hour’s drive away. Where you see your Neighbours drive by in their working Utes giving a wave or toot as they go past, where the sound of the Tractor on the Paddock across the Field past the boundary line fence of the Property I am currently staying at keeps me relaxed and calm and the feeling of the Wind softly blowing through my Hair as I go out onto the back Porch to enjoy the stunning Rays of Sunshine with not a worry in my mind [coffee in hand! 😉 ]

A Place where Team-Work is essential, the Credit Card takes the Purchases at the Country Markets, Cattle Yards and the yearly Country Fairs compared to Myers, Designer Retailers and the well known Junk Food Franchises while your Overall Health is paramount and hugely important.

Where my “Business Attire consists of my favorite R.M.Williams Boots, Stockyard Jeans and R.M.Williams Shirt [of course in my favorite color you guessed it]


A Place where working on Property is not considered hard Labor but the Love of working on a Farm and making this Place a Charming Country Home. A rural Place far away from the hectic and busy City Life, a rural Setting where Forty Cattle stare at you from the other side of the Fence while Sheep and Lambs, the big variety of Chickens, a Dog and Cat are your best friends and the beginning of the day starts and ends from

‘When the Sun comes up until the Sun goes down’. #singit

Surely, living on Property is not for Everyone, but for those who cherish and enjoy this Lifestyle so be it. Personally I am a City Girl but have taken admiration to having

The Best of Both Worlds

#RuralLiving #CountryCharm #RMWilliams #HowluckyamI

 IMG_0242 IMG_0216 IMG_0215


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