The beautiful Countryside and it’s not far from Home

Who would have thought to be living within the Suburbs and not have ever heard of or seen the Country side within the picturesque and charming town of Healesville in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Tourism Region.

Today, I got to experience the Beauty and relaxing Lifestyle within this town. Organized by my Partner of almost two years. Having grown up on Property himself, he certainly is very knowledgeable and enjoys this quiet Lifestyle in comparison to the busy yet hectic City Life. I am not only happy but so honored to be able to experience those ‘Little Adventures’ with him.

Having previously enjoyed the Tourist Attractions this Town has to offer, today provided an experience I would advise everyone reading this post to also consider – The Healesville Yarra Valley Railway Experience is worth every dollar spent on the ticket!

The only type of “trolley Ride” Experience anywhere in Australia, the journey starts by leaving Healesville Railway Station, the line traverses through beautiful Scenery, Vineyards, and skirts the local Racecourse.

So basically this is how it went down…

”Leaving the Healesville Station, the line traverses the Yarra Glen-Kinglake Road and skirts the local racecourse. The track then bridges the Watts River before commencing the climb to the Donovans Road Overbridge. A “one in forty” climb beginning on Devil’s Bend is completed by a trip through the 1889 brick tunnel and descent into the valley at the rear of the Tarrawarra Estate. We then reverse and return to the Healesville Station. 30 minutes round trip and 9km. Saying it’s a round trip could give the impression that this track is a loop. It’s not. You travel along the track up a bit of a hill, go through a tunnel, stop at a sign that says “stop” and then go back the same way you came.”

– Full Credit of this well written insight version of this unique Australian Experience goes to Healesville Train Rides

It was such a unique experience, ticket prices are $15 p.P as it is based on Volunteers to spent numerous amounts of time into this experience it makes it all worth so much more, the Volunteer Staff we met today were absolutely wonderful and while I am at it would like to shout out to Matthew our Train Driver and David our Guard on today’s Ride for the knowledge and Information we got given during our Train Ride today. The World changes every single day but with this experience you will definitely step back into time. Keen to book your next Holiday, don’t know where to travel to? I think you have already found the answer.

Happy Holidays,













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