Rewind after a busy Morning or Day

Nothing worse then missing 5 Alarms and realizing you’re late to make the train on time as you also still have to get a train ticket and during peak hour the queue is super long… #morningblues

However after picking up my Partner, heading to the station and making our way to our seats, while talking about our Future, Aspirations, Goals, Ideas and previous Achievements its almost time to get off at our station within the Melbourne City Centre.

It was a crazy morning with meeting and appointments all over the place but over the Lunch break I needed to rewind and simply sit down with a Coffee or Hot chocolate and chill out. The perfect place to be was Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.

Nicely set up within one of Melbourne’s iconic Shopping Precincts and a straight reminder from my three years at University, came the calm Atmosphere and relaxing Environment the Lounger offers. All Staff were absolutely amazing in providing excellent Customer Service!

While the Menu gave a good indication of what they have to offer, my Partner looked quite perplexed at the various Beverages they had, of course I suggested my favorite. Milk Chocolate in a Mug and Warmer 😉 Perfect for a cool day or those Winter Months – just as a Reference.

And yes, he loves it, couldn’t wipe the smile of his Face. 🙂

So for all you Coffee or Chocolate Lovers out there, this place is the most amazing one I have been too, thanks to my Friend Shirvani from my days at University, she was the one who introduced me to this place first. So thank you.

Love & Light,

  A. x





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