To all you Beauties out there,

here I am today to give you an insight into what products I currently have and use on my Face & Body and which ones are my absolute favorites at the moment.

I hope you that this post somehow does inspire you or does make you check out the relevant site listed below of each product I have spoken to you about in today’s Blog Post.

While I do believe that each one of us is different in the sense that we are all an individuality with our own personality, traits and behaviors. I hope that you like my video and embrace our differences. How boring it would be otherwise if we all liked the same products, had the same beautician and makeup routine, I am so not even going to go any further as it would be quite pointless. Anyway, embrace your individualism and be inspired.

Details on what is in my Makeup/Beauty Bag:

Rosehip Facial Foaming Cleanser,, $14

Crop Organic Argan Oil, around $10

Ecotan Tanning Creme, $34 excluding postage & shipping

Ecotan Coconut Sunscreen, $29.95

The Ecotan Range specifically has also various Stockists throughout Australia, please check their website first as you might find a local Stockist near where you live.

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty Balm, $48.00

Urban Decay Bronzer,  $28.90

Be Inspired,

A. x


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