Fashion Backward

Here we are in the modern and fashionable world of today, but some still channel the inner vintage fashionista in us. Thinking About it though… What does Vintage actually mean?

Vintage means I have something of a high value which was produced some time ago. Think 70’s Fashion but in today’s era, don’t take it literally though.

While however Vintage is still very popular and doesn’t look ‘out of place’ it’s something we can also still admire and even copy when it comes to Fashion nowadays, I mean really, fashion changes at least four times a day meaning that roughly everything we wear will make a fashionable return at some stage.

But when I think about this whole Vintage theme for a while like those skirt pants…yes I did own a pair back 10 Years ago but I think my fashion choices back then should be put in serious question!

While I am a Fashion Lover and yes I do now own my first ever vintage looking dress, bought from Target for just $10 on their very recent clearance sale!!

To those of you you love an item of clothing with a difference head to your local Target store! Easily affordable and any piece can be dressed up or down and is perfect for this time of year!



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