OOTD Spring and Summer

Good Morning to all of you on this nice quiet Sunday Morning. While it is now a little foggy in patches outside and half of you are possibly still asleep in bed and recovering from last nights outings here I am ready to start my Day. Sometimes I literally wish to be able to sleep in until noon but my Body Timer thinks otherwise, at least this way I don’t miss out on getting things done and out of the way early in the day.

While it is supposed to be quite a dry and hot Summer ahead, so is each day’s outfit one I decide at least the night before haha. Not that I don’t know what to wear but the choices… Unlike the Men who basically get up and put on whatever they see first that somehow resembles a piece of clothing!

I do enjoy the Spring time yet am a complete Summer Babe when it comes to those hot days where the city is still a buzz at Midnight and well after, eating ice cream and looking at the night sky or enjoy the littlest breeze of wind that has decided to sweep through and cool us down a bit.

Today’s Outfit comes thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen at Target and Saboskirt. Told you I mix and match with high/ low valued items. Both Fashion Places are of course affordable and super fashionable!

Top: This Top is a bit like a loose fitting crop top, super comfortable and great to dress up or down. For purchase opportunities head to: http://www.target.com.au

Shorts: While these Shorts are stunning they have been made with a twist, the front is made with leather, giving that leathery, sexy look while the back is normal fabric!

Shoes: again my new found Favorite from Target, perfect for any Occasion 🙂

Accessories: various



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