Blogging 101: Summer Workouts and all year round

It being now October, meaning Spring is officially here and provides warmer, longer and sunnier days. Finally being able to shed the layers and so also the extra kilos put on over the winter months.

Finally getting back into my routine of 5:30am wake ups and the urge to work out and get into shape. However having worked with various PT’s in the past and loads of different workout routines which all have done not a whole lot of difference which made me think of how I can best get results and a workout I am motivated to do with results of course.

So I basically surfed the Net and with Social Network these days I came across the incredible Kayla Itsines who works within the Fitness Industry as a Personal trainer and literally gives the best motivations and with her work out I can actually see results, see for yourself when you purchase her book Bikini Body Guide 1.0

I have purchase both her Guide and nutritional Books and am following her weekly work outs almost religiously where I can, in between work and other commitments.

If you want results, start now! Summer is only a few mere weeks away. Remember also to be proud of how you look as you are all beautiful and gorgeous in your own ways. If you would like to purchase her books please click the link above 🙂

A. x



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