United we stand on an Issue that’s pretty Big and affects every single one of us

United can almost be described as the fore front of something big, a supporting network of something huge even – the issue of: Gender Equality. We are all Individuals and instead of stereotyping and discriminating each other, we should stand tall and stand together with support of each other!

Why do we as Women get discriminated against because of how we look, what we wear and how we act upon certain situations. This stereotyping needs to stop now! And so does the constant collection of movements in defining, establishing, and defending equal social, cultural, political and economical rights for women. #GenderEquality #Feminism

We as Women deserve the same rights to success and the same opportunities as our male counter parts. We should all be able to share resources, rewards and opportunities together, equally.

While Discrimination and Injustice are the major causes of problems worldwide. Women and Girls globally experience this in all aspects of their lives on a day-to-day basis.

Gender Equality is vital to human and economic development and to support women’s rights. To reduce related issues such as Poverty we need to have equal opportunities for both Men and Women. #HeForShe

Take action, make a stand and show your support by joining the continuous solidarity movement to gender egalitarianism.


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