OOTD – Spring Times Ahead


Firstly, Happy Sunday to all of you! For those in Australia, I hope you are enjoying this stunning warm weather along with its nice rays of sunshine all while either recovering from the big partying yesterday with the Australian Football League Grand Final, or the continued partying sometime today. #springishere #partyitupwhileyoucan #soakinguptherays

While I was not home till well after the clock struck twelve last night my alarm did throw me out of bed at 5.30am, up to do some working out to keep fit. Those of you who are up at this time in the morning, please comment and tell me how you like to keep fit, as you guessed I am not one to sleep in till well after noon or sleep in at all for that matter!

While I was contemplating what to wear on this glorious day, I lost count of how many times I did get changed to find an outfit I am happy with for the day. The end result, see the pictures!

Top: Target

A great top to wear with basically anything, dress it up or down. Look feminine and elegant, this one is my new found favorite.

Pants: Cotton On

While I have had these pants for quite sometime, I still mix and match them with other items in my wardrobe.

Shoes: Target

While I do recycle most items in my closet, my shoes included. My other pair of golden gladiator sandals were too shabby after two big previous seasons and unfortunately didn’t make it through to another Spring/Summer so here is this new stunning pair #fashionstatement

Earrings (Lightening Bolt Studs): Bing Bang NYC

Thank you to the lovely Lea Michele who I absolutely adore – (Yes the amazing Singer & Yes Rachel Berry of Glee) for debuting this stunning pair. They are easily paired with any outfit for literally any occasion. #lighteningbolts #studs

Big thank you to the incredibly wonderful Anna Sheffield for always working on these beautiful jewelery pieces that are to die for. #beauty #jewelery #fashionalltheway


I hope you all have a great day wherever you may be in the world. Sending lots of Love & Light,

A. x


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