How best to keep fit

While I certainly am no Iron Woman, I love to keep fit, enjoying Yoga and Pilates, long walks along the beach and yes I do occasionally ride my bike… Never did I think I’d be riding along an easy gradient Rail Trail from Woori Yallock to Lilydale then all the way back through to Warburton.

The ride itself provides a beautiful country backdrop with forestry mountains and paddocks
to cattle, deer and horse enclosures.

An 80km bike ride… Who would have thought, luckily there’s some stunning Cafes & Wineries along the way and of course further along a nice old Pub at Launching Place (heading towards Warburton).

A great day spent which did start early but was absolutely worth every minute. Breathing in the clean country air, patting horses, deer and lunching at a nice Pub and relaxing in the local Cafes along the Trail. Now it’s your Turn to get in your bike and start paddling away until your legs want to give up and your muscles had the ultimate work out, it makes it all the better when you get home to a nice hot shower or bath for some relaxation afterwards.

Happy Peddling & don’t stop smiling! Enjoy the Museum at Launching Place and experience all other stops along the way, a full day if not two is needed to discover all the Stops!
A. x






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