Stunning Weather + Smiles All Around = What are you sayin’ ?


Oh My, this stunning Weather and these beautiful Rays of Sunshine, far from the grueling cold days we have had a couple of Weeks ago where Gloves and scarves were not simply a Fashion Piece to add to our Outfit but rather another Piece of ‘Warmth’!

Now this has all changed, the last few days of pure sunshine, okay fine maybe some light showers were involved but it didn’t faze anybody.

Now that Spring is in full swing, so is our Fashion and Beauty Choices, Fake Tans (better that getting a horrible diagnosis from laying in the Sun for too long!) – trust me, yes the Ladies especially. While there are even many Fake Tan Products out there to test and purchase, I have come across Ecotan

Ecotan gives you a natural looking Tan (try the Invisible Moisturiser, it will make you fall in love with the people behind this great Product(s) as no hidden nasties are involved and its 100% Organic), perfect for that nice feeling of glowing skin.

In addition, I work out multiple days throughout the Week, through Cardio Excercises, Abs/Arms Excercises and Leg Workouts all along with some healthy and nutritional foods, biggest thank you to Womens Fitness Magazine Australia

Glowing Skin and Sexy Body are sorted, now in terms of my new Beauty Products which did indeed arrive in the Mail today & yes I am thrilled to have them especially while I do not want to use Foundation over the warmer Months, try –  Urban Decay Cosmetics.

Great Products which fulfill all aspects of ones Beauty Routine! So make sure to check em out! Enjoy your Day and keep checking this Blog!!

Love & Light, A. x


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