A Snack Or Two Anyone?

Who better to pass on this delicious snacking Recipe other than myself? Who doesn’t like a nice post workout snack in between Main Meals – hands up… surely it’ll be next to no one as everyone will be jumping for joy as soon as some form of Nutrition is spoken of.

I always used to be one of those Individuals who would snack on sweets, yes including dark almond chocolate…let’s say snacking is exaggerated – to be honest with you I would have a whole block to myself! And wouldn’t even feel guilty…until of course the scales decided to tell a ‘Horror Story‘.

This all changes when I decided to completely turn my Fitness and Lifestyle upside down, first I threw out all the Junk Food and replaced it with Fruits, Veggies and overall Healthy Meals, and I did find a good exercise regime which I am currently working on to help built/tone muscle and get a nice sexy beach body by the beginning of Summer. However of course I will not stop exercising and eating healthy and nutritious meals once Summer had hit, I will keep it up and stay true to it, this is a promise I have made with myself, while some might laugh, others will hopefully see this as a bit of an Inspiration.

Now to the Recipe:

Philadelphia Cheese Crackers with Ham and Parsley


Get some Crackers and spread one side with original Philly Cheese, add Ham and Parsley to garnish, Voila!

This has to be one of the easiest, quickest recipes to make and it is seriously tasty!


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