Let Us all be Kids again…

Who would have thought that I will see myself at Ashcombe Maze and lavender Gardens and in addition take a Trip to Enchanted Adventure Garden – all as a now 24 year old. But wait a minute…who was to say that we can’t all be kids all over again? Even if just for the Day.

Both Mazes are again located along the beautiful Mornington Peninsula Coast in Victoria, while the location is not just all boats, harbours and ferries but also does include a variety of Wineries within Red Hill and beyond, beautifully Lunch Spots nestled within the nice Countryside, now that is what I call a nice place to travel to.

Both my Partner and I have recently visited Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens located within the Shoreham District and it is one seriously stunning Place to visit, nestled within some nice Farms, Wineries, oh and yes Horseback Winery Tours are just around the corner as well, for that Experience you need to check out my other post though.

Ashcombe offers Beauty and some very greatly crafted Mazes, the Hedge itself is around 3m in height and 2m thick…makes it super easy to find your way back out but please do not re-enact your own ‘Over the Hedge’ movie…

Strolling through the Lavender Gardens, gives a feel of calmness and relaxation, while the Mazes are total fun for all ages! i am not going to tell you what to expect from the Mazes but you will be stunned and surprised I can promise that.

Beautiful Location. Stunning Gardens. Fun Mazes. Perfect Day

While I have just come back last Night from our second Maze Trip – Enchanted Adventure Garden, the beauty in the Hedge craftiness are literally just there to be admired, but wow I never ever thought a Hedge is that great to look at.

Now before I type any further, those of you who prefer to have all the time in the world to enjoy this Maze in Peace, you can do so a) during the week on a nice RDO (Rostered Day Off) and b) before School Holidays Start, but those of you with children and little ones it is also a lot of fun during the busier times.

Enchanted Adventure Garden offers everything from Sculpture Gardens to the Buddhist’s Maze to the 3D Maze (my Partner did scream like a girl), and further also has a Mirror House in which I had to yell out for my Partner to help me find my way out and yes he came back and held my hand – aww how cute!

A Kid’s Maze is also greatly crafted, with the opportunity to play ‘Ladders and Snakes’, take a trip to the beach with your very own Beach House..just like those on the Peninsula Coast but in mini version, perfect for the little ones to enjoy.

This particular Adventure also included Tube Slides, for those of you who do not like Roller-coaster rides or anything even in the slightest similar, I can assure you, the tube slides are fun 🙂

While Tree Surfing is also advertised, this is not included in your General Admission Prize!

Four and a bit hours later and we are on our way home. Just quickly in addition, once you have paid for Entrance to this wonderful Adventure you are given a wristband which allow to exit and re-enter.

Enjoy the Photographs and plan your visit!

Thank you to both Owners for letting us experience the beauty, and fun both places have to offer in their very unique and rewarding ways.

Peace Out. x













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