it is finally Spring! That time of year where everyone frantically prepares for the warmer Months that lie ahead, while others do their Spring cleaning and gardening while a teeny tiny percentage does some traveling. During the previous sunny and warmish days why not try your luck with the weather forecast, grab a friend (or group) and travel to the stunning Mornington Peninsula on the East-Coast and get your taste buds tickled with some wine tastings, cider tastings and local produce?

Great you might think – got my group of friends but traveling to each winery by car…kind of boring. Think outside the box.. aha… spice up the fun by riding through the stunning Peninsula on Horseback while visiting some beautiful Wineries along the way. Perfect idea!

Having just recently attended Horseback Winery Tours myself along with my Partner was an incredibly fun Day. No Experience necessary. Helmets are provided. Beautiful and Calm Horses. One thing not to forget though … BRING YOUR CAMERA!

You will enjoy this wonderful experience along with the great staff who will accompany you and your group. This is a once in a Lifetime Opportunity not to be missed and while I am just about finished with this Blog Post I would like to give a Big Shoutout to Louise and Eva who we got to meet while tasting some local wine and cider. Thank you and enjoy! A. x


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