Tired or Worn Out?  Got a Muscle Ache? or simply want to Take It Easy for the Day? Look no further and head to Mornington Peninsula Hotsprings. Beautifully located on the East Coast with absolutely stunning Views across the Bays.

Book your Visit online for the Early Bird Arrival, Lockers, Towels and Robes are for hire… or bring your own.

Once headed the Entrance Gate of the Bathhouse, the calm and relaxing Thermal Pools await. The Bathhouse offers a variety of different Pool, all are heated between 36C – 43C. Along with a few Deep Cool Plunge Pools.. (I know, what a tongue twister), however the Pool is around 1.8m in Depth and contains Ice Cold Water to get your Body and Immune System to recover after you have been through the Thermal Pools, Sauna and Turkish Steam Room.

Once you have finished your Stay at the Hotsprings, why not take a drive along Rosebud and check out their Shopping Centre and Gloria Jeans Coffee Shop (My Partners Family and their Team at GJ would be thrilled and delighted to serve you a Coffee or Tea) then take a drive further into Mornington and grab a bite to eat. I’m talking baguettes, pastries, pies,cake, milk/thickshakes or other sweet treat from beautiful Chocolat of Mornington. Their Thickshakes are literally amazing and so refreshing after being in the Thermal Pools for just about Four Hours.

As the Day goes on head across to the Go Fish Fish & Chip Shop across the Main Street for some early Dinner, some Chips and Grilled Fish while sitting on one of the Benches with View across the small Harbour, seeing Sailing Boats and in addition having to protect your Dinner from all the Seagulls who are a bit too curious for anyone’s liking.

All in all a wonderful Day spent and a Good Nights Sleep gained.


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