Here we are finding ourselves within the large space of our Local Supermarket franticly trying to find the new lotion for beautiful skin. The brands such as L’Oreal, Dove, Garnier, Nivea are just ready to jump at us off the shelf. We think. We read. We check the price. We think again. And we make the ultimate decision…

I often feel that there are beauty products out there which are sounding absolutely amazing and the ingredients aren’t too complicated to investigate until words such as Benzyl Benzoate make the rounds through your head,and we end up searching through our iPhone to find the google app in order to work out what the ingredient actually stands for in simple terms. Once found – understood – the ingredient can’t be so bad, however all beauty products aren’t just made naturally some with harmful chemicals and ingredients dangerous and toxic to your health and overall wellbeing!

Since I have joined those individuals who want to do the best for their. Body. I have come across a product which can be used for beauty routines, in cooking and for literally everything – yes you got it… Coconut Oil.

In my home Coconut Oil is the only Ingredient which wonders between the Pantry and my Bathroom. I use it in my cooking as a substitute of other cooking oils and I also use it as a moisturiser for my skin and hair for growth. Not I my does it smell great, but it also does require only a small amount of heat, such S holding the oil in the palm of your hand.

Personally I use unrefined Coconut Oil, which has not been processed to the extend of being made into a chemically infused do called beauty product but rather is the closest you would get to Natural Coconut Oil.

I believe it to be the Holy Grail as it is useful for so much and it certainly is a favorite of mine and I think every Beauty should keep a jar in their Pantry… Just in case 😉



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